Ever wondered who reigns supreme as the ultimate adult movie star? Figuring out who tops the A-list in porn isn't straightforward. The quest to crown the most popular porn star is steeped in debate and complexity. Yet a star's luminescence is often measured by the blockbuster appeal of the films they grace much like they do in Hollywood. Embarking on an ambitious journey, we delved into the cinematic universe to unravel this mystery. Our odyssey led us to compile an exclusive list of the top 50 highest-grossing movies on DVD, alongside a parallel list highlighting the cream of the crop in video-on-demand sales.

The spotlight then shifted to the stars of these cinematic gems, weaving a tapestry of talent that spans genres and generations. By evaluating their box office magnetism, a unique ranking emerged, painting a vivid picture of those who command the silver screen. Here are the luminaries who dazzled the most, the titans of porn as of May 2024, determined by their starring roles in the best-selling movies. Step into the spotlight and discover who claimed the throne in the ever-evolving saga of porn's elite.

Most Popular Porn Stars

If you don't see a name linked it means I simply haved added them to the trending models database yet but not to worry I'm adding many new starlets each and every day. I promise to try and get to all the names on the most popular porn star list as soon as I can.

If you are wondering how I came about this list, I simply went to Adult DVD Empire, gathered a list of the top 50 best selling DVDs and then the top 50 best selling movies (video on demand). Then I listed each female porn star who appeared in those movies and ranked them based on that data alone. It's basically how they rank stars in Hollywood. The most popular movies = biggest box office draw. I know that many will argue that so and so won more awards or were in more movies or featured in more magazines. But the truth is, I decided to do the rankings the same way Hollywood does and that's box office draw. I'm sure some of you will be disappointed that their favorite star isn't on the most popular porn star list but as soon as they appear in a best selling movie, they'll be added. And to be clear, best selling movie is defined as the top 50 best selling DVDs and the top 50 best selling videos on demand at Adult DVD Empire, as they are currently the largest selling online store, which also happens to include data from Hot Movies and Gamelink. It may not be a perfect system but it's the best I can do with the information that is available and if this ranking method is good enough for mainstream Hollywood, it's good enough for porn stars.